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so (as a joke, i assume) andi asked me who sungjong was and now her punishment is having me tell her exactly who he is. it’s really long because i had a lot to say. i didn’t even say all of it. i don’t even think i’m sorry. i started analyzing him a bit. why did nobody stop me? godspeed.

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Hello and welcome to my btob guide. I made this with a lot of love (and words) (and links) for everyone that wants to get into btob to become a melody or just to know a little more about them. This guide should prove that they are worth of your attention. I feel like some people are sleeping on this amazing group and getting to know them more may be what they need to fall in love with them like I have.  Honestly I haven’t been in love with a group like this in years and they make my days so much brighter ✿◠‿◠ just look at the picture above they are fluffy i’m. But be careful bcs they are dangerous and pull you in and never let go. (please remember to click the linked words to enjoy btob at their fullest)

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